Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Almost done... I hope...

Well. Everything has been completed on the GP system, except for the interpreter. Mutations and crossovers and stuff have all been compiled. Basically I glued some of the code from MIT's galib to my project. I'm getting some kind of linking error... but who cares? I'm just happy there aren't any syntax errors on my part. Now semantics.. that's something else for some other time. When I use -Wall and -Wextra options in my compilation, there are atleast 100 weird messages. Yeah.... gotta get those fixed. But main thing is that everything compiles :D


  1. I feel like I should tell you that I've been reading all your posts since the first one you've posted. I don't understand very much though, not being a programmer type (artist). My other half used to use this domain so my Google Reader kept it on file. Anyways, good luck with the compiling thingy-mah-jiggy.


  2. o.o I'm deeply touched. You must be the first person to ever read my posts.
    Congratz! You win a free T-shirt!
    jk :P I need mah shirts.
    Thanks for the encouragement btw. It's much(very?) appreciated. :)