Saturday, July 23, 2011

What to do with this blog?

Well. This is the first time on my iPad so plz don't have a fit over any misspelled words. I've concluded that no one will be reading this blog any time soon so I've decided to use it as a sort of log for the projects I'm working on. Not much to say besides that but I do hope that given enough time my records come of use and or are read.
So. Recently I've been working on a genetic programming system that will write programs for me. Why? Because I'm beginning to grow tired of programming by hand. All of my halted projects including but not limited to the os kernel I wrote back in 6th. Grade? As well as a compiler I never got to work. Sure, the os kernel consisted of low level code that someone else wrote to whom I will give credit to in my next release if it is made. And maybe the compiler was a bit too much for me. I still managed to get the front end and parts of the middle end to work with planned llvm support for the backend. So. Long story short. I've decided to use my existing compiler knowledge as well as the information I've learned from the field guide to genetic programming (sorry ifi didnt use proper grammar on naming the book but c'mon. It's a blog and I'm on my iPad) to create a gp system with efficient and hopefully optimized code generation so I can, in accordance to my evil plan, use it to help me with Code Wars. Of course, if it's against the rules, then I'll yield and sheathe my by then, awesome gp system. I feel like I'm running out of room. No ones gonna read a blog with posts this long. So I guess it is to be continued.

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